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✅ Carolyn Bertozzi, Morton Meldel, and K. Barry Sharpless have jointly won the 2022 Nobel Prize in which category?
A. Chemistry B. Literature
C. Physics D. Medicine
Answer- A. Chemistry
• The Nobel Prize in Chemistry has been jointly awarded to Carolyn Bertozzi, Morton Meldel, and K.Barry Sharpless for their work on the simultaneous sniping of molecules, known as click chemistry.
• Americans Carolyn Bertozzi and Barry Sharpless, and Danish scientist Morton Meldel were given for their work on click chemistry and bio-orthogonal reactions

✅ Which country has become the largest producer of sugar in the world?
A. China B. Thailand
C. India D. Brazil
Answer- C. India
• India has become the largest producer of sugar in the world and the second-largest exporter of sugar in the world.
• According to the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food, and Public Distribution, supportive international prices and central government policy have realized this achievement of the Indian sugar industry.

✅ When is World Cerebral Palsy Day observed?
A. 04 October B. 05 October
C. 03 October D. 06 October
Answer- D. 06 October
• World Cerebral Palsy Day is celebrated annually on October 6, this day is celebrated to spread awareness and highlight the fact that cerebral palsy affects about 17 million people worldwide.
• Cerebral palsy is a group of disorders that affect the development of bodily postures, often encountered with disturbances of sensation, perception, cognition, and behaviour.

✅ Who has become the first American woman to travel to space?
A. Kayla Barron B. Anne McClain
C. Nicole Mann D. Christina Koch
Answer- C. Nicole Mann
• American astronaut, Nicole Mann has become the first American-born woman in space since NASA’s launch mission on October 5, 2022.
• Nicole Mann is among four astronauts who flew from Florida in the afternoon for the International Space Station (ISS).
• Nicole Mann is an experienced pilot who has become not only the first indigenous woman in space but also the first woman to command the Crew Dragon capsule.

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