18 JANUARY 2023 Current affairs questions pdf

☀️ On which day did the Indian Army for the first time approve more than 30 women officers for command roles?
A. 10 January 2023 B. 16 January 2023
C. 06 January 2023 D. 01 January 2023
Answer- B. 16 January 2023

☀️ Who has been concurrently appointed as the next Ambassador of India to the Republic of the Marshall Islands
on 16 January 2023?
A. Manpreet Monica Singh B. Naveen Srivastava
C. Nagesh Singh D. Sibi George
Answer- D. Sibi George

☀️ Which country will release a postage stamp with a portrait of India’s first PM Jawaharlal Nehru on its 75th Independence Day?
A. Myanmar B. Bhutan
C. Sri Lanka D. Bangladesh
Answer- C. Sri Lanka

☀️ Which of the following countries has declared an emergency after massive protests?
A. Peru B. Argentina
C. Italy D. Brazil
Answer- A. Peru

☀️ India hosted the 21st edition of ‘Varuna Excercise’ in the Indian Ocean on 16 January 2023 with which country?
A. Sri Lanka B. France
C. Australia D. Japan
Answer- B. France

☀️ Which state has launched a shared school bus system and agriculture response vehicle scheme?
A. Manipur B. Mizoram
C. Meghalaya D. Sikkim
Answer- C. Meghalaya

☀️ Which is the first constitutionally literate district of India?
A. Wayanad B. Palakkad
C. Malappuram D. Kollam
Answer- D. Kollam

☀️ India and Egypt have announced holding the first military exercise “Cyclone 1” involving special forces in which city in January 2023?
A. Bhubaneswar B. Bakloh
C. Jaipur D. Udaipur
Answer- D. Udaipur

☀️ Vidisha, the first aspirational district to implement 5G technology, is located in which state?
A. Gujarat B. Madhya Pradesh
C. Kerala D. Odisha
Answer- B. Madhya Pradesh

☀️ Which film will be screened at the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Film Festival in January 2023?
A. Patiala House B. RRR
C. Toolsidas Junior D. Jungle Cry
Answer- C. Toolsidas Junior

☀️ NTPC Renewable Energy Limited on January 16, 2023, signed an MoU with which state for the development of floating and ground-mounted based renewable energy?
A. Chhattisgarh B. West Bengal
C. Jharkhand D. Tripura
Answer- D. Tripura

☀️ By which year will Doppler Weather Radar Network cover the entire country?
A. 2024 B. 2025
C. 2028 D. 2026
Answer- B. 2025

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