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In this post, we share some current affairs questions that help your all upcoming current affairs questions.

Which country’s President will be the chief guest on Republic Day 2023?
A. Japan B. Saudi Arabia
C. South Africa D. Egypt
Answer- D. Egypt

Which state government on 21 January 2023 launched the ‘School of Eminence’ project?
A. Haryana B. Punjab
C. Rajasthan D. Odisha
Answer- B. Punjab

.Who will replace Jacinda Ardern as the 41st Prime Minister of New Zealand?
A. Rose Christian Ossuka Raponda B. Chris Hipkins
C. Nguyen Juan Phuk D. Luiz Insio Lula da Silva
Answer- B. Chris Hipkins

Which country has become the first creditor country to assure Sri Lanka of debt restructuring?
A. USA B. India
C. Japan D. China
Answer- B. India

Which airport won the “Best Sustainable Greenfield Airport” award at ASSOCHAM’s 14th International Conference–Award for Civil Aviation 2023?
A. Guru Ram Das Ji International Airport B. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport
C. New Goa Manohar International Airport D. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport
Answer- C. New Goa Manohar International Airport

In January 2023, India Post launched the Tarang Mail service to deliver parcels and mail by sea route in which state?
A. Odisha B. Karnataka
C. West Bengal D. Gujarat
Answer- D. Gujarat

Where is the deepest metro station in India being built?
A. Gandhinagar B. Pune
C. Coimbatore D. Kochi
Answer- B. Pune

The Ministry of Tourism is participating in FITUR, the world’s largest international travel exhibition, in which country?
A. England B. France
C. Australia D. Spain
Answer- D. Spain

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