26 January 2023 curernt Affairs MCQ Questions PDF

26 January 2023 curernt Affairs MCQ Which edition of National Voters’ Day has been celebrated on 25 January 2023?A. 12th B. 14thC. 13th D. 11thAnswer- C. 13th Which of the following has become the No. 1 ODI team in the ICC rankings after winning the series against New Zealand?A. England B. IndiaC. Australia D. PakistanAnswer- … Read more

24 January current affairs pdf Multiple Choice questions download here

Download the 24 January current affairs pdf help for your all-competitive exam. Here we provide important questions about current affairs. Name Of the Post Download 24 January current affairs pdf Type Of post Current Affairs PDF Download Free PDF Help For All Competitive Exam Who has recently been appointed as the next chief of the … Read more

23 January 2023 current affairs pdf download

In this post, we share some current affairs questions that help your all upcoming current affairs questions. Which country’s President will be the chief guest on Republic Day 2023?A. Japan B. Saudi ArabiaC. South Africa D. EgyptAnswer- D. Egypt Which state government on 21 January 2023 launched the ‘School of Eminence’ project?A. Haryana B. PunjabC. … Read more

18 JANUARY 2023 Current affairs questions pdf

☀️ On which day did the Indian Army for the first time approve more than 30 women officers for command roles?A. 10 January 2023 B. 16 January 2023C. 06 January 2023 D. 01 January 2023Answer- B. 16 January 2023 ☀️ Who has been concurrently appointed as the next Ambassador of India to the Republic of … Read more

Daily Current Affairs PDF, 30 -12-2022

Dear Student, Here we cover daily current affairs questions Daily Current Affairs PDF, 29 -12-2022 pdf that help your all competitive exam Name Of The Post Current Affairs PDF 30-12-2022 Type Of Post Quiz and Onliner Category Daily Current Affairs Post Type Download PDF ❒ Who has been appointed as the next Engineer-in-Chief of the … Read more

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✅ Carolyn Bertozzi, Morton Meldel, and K. Barry Sharpless have jointly won the 2022 Nobel Prize in which category?A. Chemistry B. LiteratureC. Physics D. MedicineAnswer- A. Chemistry• The Nobel Prize in Chemistry has been jointly awarded to Carolyn Bertozzi, Morton Meldel, and K.Barry Sharpless for their work on the simultaneous sniping of molecules, known as … Read more