Free [PDF] List of Recent Appointments 2022 GK MCQ, Upto October download here

Free [PDF] List of Recent Appointments 2022 GK MCQ, [PDF] List of Recent Appointments in India and World 2022 GK MCQ, Appointments Current Affairs 2022 GK download here help for competitive Exam. Recent Appointments 2022 GK MCQ SHORT QUESTIONS India’s renowned agricultural economist and former member of the then Planning Commission, who passed away in … Read more

Monthly Current Affairs Questions 2022 pdf -2

Dear Student, Here we cover some monthly current Affairs Questions which help to your all competitive Exam. So join with us and start your Preparation. Nepal’s mountaineer _______climbed Mount Everest for the 26th time, breaking her own previous record.• Ans : Kami Rita Sherpa• He climbed the 8,848.86 m mountain on May 7, 2022.• Rita … Read more

What is Display Fabrication Unit? Where it will setup?

Dear Aspirants, Here we provide Current Affairs Questions Which help to your All competitive Exam Download Current Affairs Quiz PDF Here 1:- Who will be appointed as the Science Advisor to the President of the United States?(a) Aarti Prabhakar.(b) Sima Sarkar(C) Dhirendra Rana(D) Binod AgrawalAns- A Question 2: India’s first private train service has been … Read more

what is mRNA Vaccine || Check Details With Pdf

what is mRNA Vaccine || Check Details With Pdf 1. Which city conducted a Serosurvey and found antibodies against Covid-19 in over 50% of children? (A) New Delhi (B) Mumbai (C) Bengaluru (D) Chennai 2. Louisiana delta system is located in which country? (A) Australia (B) USA (C) Russia (D) France 3. Which is the … Read more