Nutrition of Animals-3

62. Correlate the following: Source Vitamin (A) Green leafy vegetables 1. A (B) Raw cabbage 2. B1 (C) Brewers yeast 3. C (D) Wheat-germ oil 4. D 5. E A B C

Nutrition of Animals-2

32. The element which is the most abundant in the human body is– (A) Oxygen (B) Carbon (C) Iron (D) Nitrogen Ans. (A) 33. Which one of the following is most important

Nutrition of Animals-1

1. Glucose is a type of– (A) Pentose sugar (B) Hexose sugar (C) Tetrose sugar (D) Diose sugar Ans. (B) 2. In the human body, fats are stored in the– (A) Epidermis

Animal Cells and Tissues

1. Blubber is– (A) A milky secretion of rubber plant (B) A layer of thick fat (C) A device to trap insects by some aquatic (D) Fungal infection of rice plants Ans.

Classification of Animal Kindgom-3

75. Spiders belong to the phylum (A) Mollusca (B) Annelida (C) Cnidaria (D) Arthropoda Ans. (D) 76. Octopus belongs to the phylum (A) Mollusca (B) Cnidaria (C) Echinodermata (D)Chordata Ans. (A) 77.

Classification of Animal Kindgom-1

1. A contemporary of Charles Darwin who came to the same conclusion in the matter of organic evolution was– (A) Jean Baptist Lamarck (B) Thomas Huxley (C) Alfred Russel Wallace (D) Franklin