Plant Physiology and Pollination-4

92. _____ is a multibranched polysacharide of glucose that serves as a form of energy storage in animals and fungi. (A) Cellulose (B) Glycogen (C) Pectin (D) Chitin Ans. (B) 93. The

Plant Physiology and Pollination-3

61. Cell becomes turgid because of (A) Plasmolysis (B) Fish (C) Endosmosis (D) Diffusion Ans. (C) 62. The process of imbibition involves (A) Diffusion (B) Capilary action (C) Absorption (D) Both 1

Plant Physiology and Pollination-1

1. Which among the following elements increases the absorption of water and calcium in plants? (A) Manganese (B) Boron (C) Copper (D) Molybdenum Ans. (B) 2. Which wood will become useless soon

Algae and Fungi

1. Fungi that grow on bark are said to be– (A) Xylophilous (B) Saxicolous (C) Coprophilous (D) Corticolous Ans. (D) 2. Pink mould is the common name for– (A) Aspergillus (B) Rhizopus