F. Endocrine System-1

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1. Which of the following release sex hormone–
(A) Adrenal gland
(B) Thyroid gland
(C) Pituitary gland
(D) Sebaceous gland
Ans. (A)

2. Lactation hormone release from the–
(A) Mammary gland
(B) Placenta
(C) Testis
(D) Pituitary
Ans. (D)

3. Where Pituitary gland found in body–
(A) On the base of heart
(B) In base of the brain
(C) In neck
(D) Abdomen
Ans. (B)

4. Which of the following gland regulate the body temperature or thermoregulatory.
(A) Pineal gland
(B) Pitutory gland
(C) Avatu gland
(D) Hypothalamus
Ans. (D)

5. Which is the center of human body regulate angry, water balance and body temperature-
(A) Veins
(B) Medula oblongata
(C) Thalamus
(D) Hypothalamus
Ans. (D)

6. Which gland of human body regulates the recreation of the hormone of pituitary gland?
(A) Hypothalamus gland
(B) Thymus gland
(C) Thyroid gland
(D) Adrenal gland
Ans. (A)

7. In which following Not act both Exorine and endocrine gland–
(A) Pitutary gland
(B) Pancrease
(C) Kidney
(D) Testis
Ans. (A)

8. In human body largest heterocrine gland as–
(A) Thymus
B) Liver
(C) Pancreas
(D) Spleen
Ans. (C)

9. In mammal largest gland found–
(A) Hyroid gland
(B) Liver
(C) Pancrease
(D) Spleen
Ans. (B)

10. The largest gland which found in our body?
(A) Muscle
(B) Neuron
(C) Liver
(D) Non of above
Ans. (C)

11. In body which largest endocrine gland–
(A) Thyroid
(B) Parathyroid
(C) Adrenal
(D) Pituitary
Ans. (A)

12. In which following endocrine gland found in neck?
(A) Pancreas
(B) Thyroid
(C) Pituitary
D) Adrenal cortex
Ans. (B)

13. For the proper functioning of thyroid gland in salt iodine taken in form of–
(A) KL
(B) KIO3
Ans. (A)

14. When one or single gene control more than one character then its known as –
(A) Saprophic
(B) Autotrophs
(C) Symbiosis
(D) Pleiotropic
Ans. (D)

15. Who discovered insulin–
(A) A.F. Bating
(B) Edvard Jener
(C) Ronald Ros
(D) S.A. Vaxmen
Ans. (A)

16. Which is the Example of hormone, heat in form of protein–
(A) Trypsin
(B) Oxytocin
(C) Keratine
(D) Caesin
Ans. (B)

17. Which chemical is involved in attraction between one species of animals to another own species animals–
(A) Hormone
(B) Nucleic acid
(C) Pheromone
(D) Steriods
Ans. (C)

18. Which gland in human body is not related to excitement of body?
(A) Thyroid Gland
(B) Panerease
(C) Adrenal cortex
(D) Pitutary
Ans. (C)

19. During excitement, which hormone release higher amount–
(A) Cortison
(B) Serotonin
(C) Adrenaline
(D) Esterogen
Ans. (C)

20. Which is male sex hormone?
(A) Progestron
(B) Esterogen
(C) Testestrone
(D) Insulin
Ans. (C)

21. In which of the following known as emergency hormone–
(A) Adrenaline
(B) Thyroxine
(C) Vasopressin
(D) Insulin

22. Which harmone secreation from the corpus lutcum–
(A) Progesteron
(B) Testosterone
(C) Estrogen
(D) Haemoglobin
Ans. (A)

23. The production of growth hormone is occurs.
(A) By thyroid gland
(B) By Pituitary gland
(C) By Gonad
(D) By bone
Ans. (B)

24. Grave disease occurs due to–
(A) Hyper secretion of thymus
(B) Hyper secretion of thyroid
(C) Hypo secretion of thymus
(D) Hypo secretion of thyroid
Ans. (B)

25. Which is pepsin releasing cells of stomach?
(A) Acidic cell
(B) Inlite cells
(C) Main cells
(D) Spincter cells
Ans. (C)

26. In mammal receptor or sense gland related to–
(A) Removal of extra mineral
(B) Elimination of nitrogenous wastes
(C) In temperature regulation
(D) In sex attraction
Ans. (C)

27. In Human throat, which is known as Adam’s apple–
(A) Ciuoroid or Laryme Cartilage
(B) Throat
(C) Laryme
(D) Thyroid Cartilage
Ans. (D)

28. During single Menstural cycle, generally the no of mature egg–
(A) 3
(B) 2
(C) 1
(D) 4
Ans. (C)

29. Which of the following deficiency causes Goitre–
(A) Iron
B) Sodium
(C) Potassium
(D) Iodine

30. Which is caused by deficiency of iodine–
(A) Hyperthyroidism
(B) Goitre
(C) Grave
(D) Diabites
Ans. (B)

31. Iodine–less salt is useful for–
(A) For slow blood pressure
(B) For prevention of dehydration
(C) For activity of thyroid gland
(D) For salivary gland
Ans. (C)

32. The Pigment which given colour to Human body–
(A) Melanin
B) Rhodopsin
(C) Iodopsin
(D) Anthrocyanin
Ans. (A)

33. A.C.T. hormone release by–
(A) From Adernal cartex
(B) From Adernal medulla
(C) From pituitary gland
(D) From pineal
Ans. (C)

34. Diabetes mellitus occur due to lack of synthesis of hormone–
(A) Insulin
(B) Glucogon
(C) Thyroxine
(D) Androgen
Ans. (A)

35. Which phenomenon do bats or dolphins use to
find prey, predators or obstacles?
(A) Refraction of Sound
(B) Formation of Beats
(C) Scattering of Sound
(D) Echolocation
Ans. (D)

36. In which one of the following is swim bladder absent?
(A) Cuttlefish
(B) Bony fish
(C) Cartilaginous fish
(D) Silverfish
Ans. (C)

37. The Example of hermaphrodite animal in which cross fertilisation occurs in–
(A) Hydra
(B) Ascaris
(C) Earthworm
(D) Silkworm
Ans. (C)

38. ‘Pigeon Milk’ is produced by–
(A) Crop
(B) Birds
(C) Mammals
D) All of these
Ans. (A)

39. Sweat glands in mammals are primarily concerned with–
(A) Removal of excess salts
(B) Excretion of nitrogenous wastes
(C) Thermoregulation
(D) Sex-attraction
Ans. (C)

40. A substance that stimulates the production of antibodies when introduced into a living organism is known as–
(A) Carcinogen
(B) Androgen
(C) Antigen
D) Oestrogen
Ans. (C)

41. The Sigmoid Colon is part of–
(A) Anal Canal
(B) Large Intestine
(C) Ileum
D) Small Intestine
Ans. (B)

42. Which one of the following gland is responsible for secretion of sex hormones?
(A) Adrenal Gland
(B) Thyroid Gland
(C) Pituitary Gland
(D) Sebaceous Gland
Ans. (A)

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