Human Diseases-2

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35. Which of the following causes malaria?
(A) Insect
(B) Bacteria
(C) Protozoa
(D) Virus
Ans. (C)

36. Which of the following disease usually spreads through air?
(A) Plague
(B) Typhoid
(C) Tuberculosis
(D) Cholera
Ans. (C)

37. Which one of these is a communicable disease?
(A) Diabetes
(B) Diphtheria
(C) Arthritis
(D) Cancer
Ans. (B)

38. Smallpox is caused by–
(A) Rubeola virus
(B) Variola virus
(C) Varicella
(D) Myxovirus
Ans. (B)

39. Typhoid is caused by–
(A) Pseudomonas
(B) Staphylococcus
(C) Bacillus
(D) Salmonella typhi
Ans. (D)

40. Which one of the following pair is correctly matched?
(A) Tetanus : BCG
(B) Tuberculosis : ATS
(C) Malaria : Chloroquine
(D) Scurvy : Thiamin
Ans. (C)

41. Yellow fever is transmitted by–
(A) Aedes
(B) Anopheles
(C) Hosefly
(D) Culex
Ans. (A)

42. Tetanus is caused by–
(A) Clostridium
(B) Virus
(C) Bacteriophage
(D) Salmonella
Ans. (A)

43. The vaccination against smallpox involves the introduction of–
(A) Killed germs
(B) Weakened germs
(C) Live antibodies
(D) Germs
Ans. (B)

44. Pick out the disease among the following–
(A) Hepatitis
(B) Meningitis
(C) Arthritis
D) Nephritis
Ans. (A)

45. AIDS is a/an–
(A) Bacterial Disease
(B) Viral Disease
(C) Fungal Disease
(D) Algal Disease
Ans. (B)

46. Pellagra and Scurvy are caused by which pair vitamin deficiency respectively _______.
(A) Vitamin C and Vitamin D
(B) Vitamin B3 and Vitamin C
(C) Vitamin C and Vitamin A
(D) Vitamin A and Vitamin B12
Ans. (B)

47. What does the term ‘Ebola’ stand for?
(A) A viral disease outbreak in West Africa
(B) A viral disease outbreak in Bangladesh
(C) A city in Syria destroyed by ISIS.
(D) None of the these
Ans. (A)

48. The virus of AIDS affects the growth of_________.
(A) Haemoglobin
(B) RBCs in blood
(C) T cells in blood
(D) Grey cells in brain
Ans. (C)

49. If waste materials contaminate the source of drinking water, which of the following diseases will spread?
(A) Scurvy
(B) Typhoid
(C) Malaria
(D) Anaemia
Ans. (B)

50. Diabetes is caused by
(A) Excess of insulin
(B) Low production of Insulin
(C) Malfunction of liver
(D) Higher production of bilirubin
Ans. (B)

51. Pneumonia affects which of the following organs of human body?
(A) Kidneys
(B) Lungs
(C) Throat
(D) Liver
Ans. (B)

52. Mesothelioma is a type of cancer. The most common area affected in it is the lining of the _____.
(A) Heart
(B) Brain
(C) Stomach
(D) Lungs
Ans. (D)

53. Which type of pathogen causes the waterborne disease E. coli Infection?
(A) Protozoan
(B) Parasitic
(C) Bacterial
(D) Viral
Ans. (C)

54. Which type of pathogen causes the waterborne disease HepatitisA?
(A) Parasitic
(B) Viral
(C) Protozoan
(D) Bacterial
Ans. (D)

55. _____is a condition in which there is a deficiency of red cells or of haemoglobin in the blood.
(A) Albinism
(B) Propyria
(C) Anaemia
D) Keloid disorder
Ans. (C)

56. _____is a drug that makes your heart work more slowly, used for treating high blood pressure.
(A) Contraceptive
(B) BetaBlocker
(C) Depressant
(D) Enema
Ans. (B)

57. Which of the following disease is caused due to the deficiency of protein?
(A) Arthritis
(B) Kwashiorkor
(C) Goitre
(D) Night Blindness
Ans. (B)

58. Which disease is caused due to deficiency of Iron?
(A) Beriberi
(B) Tetany
(C) Kwashiorkor
(D) Anaemia
Ans. (D)

59. Carcinogenic chemicals cause
(A) Heart diseases
(B) Diabetes
(C) Cancer
(D) Asthma
Ans. (C)

60. The disease caused by Asbestos is :
(A) Emphysema
(B) Paralysis
(C) Diarrhoea
(D) Dysentery
Ans. (A)

61. ‘ELISA’ test is employed to diagnose:
(A) Polio virus (B) AIDS antibodies
(C) Tuberculosis bacterium
(D) Cancer
Ans. (B)

62. Kidney disease in man is caused bu the pollutant:
(A) Cadmium
(B) Iron
(C) Cobalt
(D) Carbon
Ans. (A)

63. Why excessive heating and repeated use of cooking oil is most undesirable?
(A) The oil vapours can cause indoor pollution
(B) Carcinogenic substances like benzpyrene are produced
(C) Nutrient value of food is lost
(D) Loss and wastage of oil
Ans. (D)

64. A ‘breath test’ used by traffic police to check drunken driving uses:
(A) Potassium dichromate-sulphuric acid
(B) Potassium perma-nganatesulphuric acid
(C) Turmeric on filter paper
(D) Sillica gel coated with silver nitrate
Ans. (A)

65. Tyhoid fever is caused by-
(A) Virus
(B) Bacteria
(C) Fungus
(D) Allergy
Ans. (B)

66. Which was the first antibiotic-
(A) Terramycin
(B) Neomycin
(C) Penicillin
(D) Streptomycin
Ans. (C)

67. Locked jaw disorder is the other name of the disease
(A) Tetanus
(B) Muscular disorder
(C) Typhoid
(D) Filariasis
Ans. (A)

68. Which of the following tests helps in diagnosis of cancer ?
(A) Urine test
(B) Blood test
(C) Biopsy
(D) X-Ray
Ans. (C)

69. The causative organism of dengue fever is
(A) Fungus
(B) Bacteria
(C) Protozoa
(D) Virus
Ans. (D)

70. Which from the following diseases usually spreads through milk?
(A) Tuberculosis
(B) Jaundice
(C) Diphtheria
(D) Cholera
Ans. (A)

71. Insects responsible for transmitting diseases are called
(A) Vector
(B) Transmitter
(C) Drones
(D) Conductor
Ans. (A)

72. Which of the following is effective against tuberculosis?
(A) Penicillin
(B) Chloromycetin
(C) Terramycin
(D) Streptomycin
Ans. (D)

73. Tamiflu is frontline drug against
(A) Bird flu
(B) Cancer
(D) Polio
Ans. (A)

74. Which among the following is used in the treatment of tuberculosis?
(A) Penicillin
(B) Aspirin
(C) Paracetamol
(D) Dettol
Ans. (A)

75. Which part of human body is first highly affected by nuclear radiation?
(A) Eyes
(B) Lungs
(C) Skin
(D) Bone Marrow
Ans. (C)

76. Cancer is a disease where we find uncontrolled
(A) Cell division
(B) Cell swelling
(C) Cell inflammation
(D) Cell deformity
Ans. (A)

77. Triple vaccine is administered to a new born child to immunize it against
(A) Whooping cough, tetanus and measles
(B) Whooping cough, tetanus and diptheria
(C) Tetanus, diphtheria, measles and rubella
(D) Tetanus, diphtheria, small pox and rubella
Ans. (B)

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