What is Display Fabrication Unit? Where it will setup?

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1:- Who will be appointed as the Science Advisor to the President of the United States?
(a) Aarti Prabhakar.
(b) Sima Sarkar
(C) Dhirendra Rana
(D) Binod Agrawal
Ans- A

Question 2: India’s first private train service has been flagged off Under which scheme?
(a) Parivahana Seva
(b) Abhi Duri duri nehi
(C) Bharat Gaurav Yojana.
(D) Unnat
Ans- C
Answer:- Under the Bharat Gaurav Yojana.

Question 3: Which country has recently lifted the 2-year Covid visa ban on Indians?
(a) Malasiya
(b) Poland
(C) China
(D) South Korea
Ans- C
Answer: China.

Question 4:- How many gold medals has Haryana won in the Khelo India Youth Games 2021?
(a) 52
(b) 54
(C) 58
(D) 60
Ans- A
Answer:- 137 medals. ( 52 gold , 39 silver and 46 bronze).

Question 5:- Which day is celebrated all over the world on June 17, 2022?
(a) Direct Action Day
(b) World Family Day
(C) World Happiness Day
(D) Drough and Desertification controal Day
Ans- D
Answer:- Drought and Desertification Control Day.

Question 6: In which city will India’s first “Display Fabrication Unit” be set up?
(a) Kolkata
(b) Hydrabad
(C) Delhi
(D) Bangalore
Ans- B
Answer:- In Hyderabad.

Question 7: In Which state Nanhi pari Yojana To Be Launched?
(a) Delhi
(b) Bihar
(C) Rajasthan
(D) UP
Ans- A
The objective of the programme is to cater to essential services such as providing birth certificates to the mother and child before they are discharged from the hospital, registration of Aadhaar card and opening of account in case of girls born in government hospitals of the district.

Question 8: Which country has become the first country to offer a written warning on each cigarette?
(a) America
(b) England
(C) Japan
(D) Canada
Ans- D
Answer: Canada.

Which company has recently announced the “Startup Accelerator Program” for women founders?
(a) Facebook
(b) Google
(C) Microsoft
(D) None Of The Above
Ans- B
Answer: Google.

Question 10:- Who has inaugurated the Jal Bhushan Bhawan and gallery of revolutionaries at Raj Bhavan in Mumbai?
(a) Ram Nath Kovind
(b) Narendra Modi
(C) Amit Saha
(D) Nirmala Sita Raman
Ans- B
Answer: Prime Minister Modiji

Question 11: How much has India’s trade deficit increased to how many billion dollars in May 2022?
(a) $24.29 billion.
(b) $26.30 billion.
(C) $20.19 billion.
(D) $30.00 billion.
Ans- A
Answer: $24.29 billion.

Question 12: Which government has built an oxygen production facility in collaboration with UNDP?
(a) Kolkata
(b) Hydrabad
(C) Delhi
(D) Bangalore
Ans- C
Answer: The Delhi Government.

Question 13: Which French company will buy a 25% stake in the hydrogen unit of the Adani Group?
(a) Grow Up Engergy Pvt Ltd
(b) Total Energies of France
(C) Total Hydrogen Plant
(D) None Of the Above
Answer: Total Energies of France.

World Trade Organization 12th Summit Held in which place Recently?
(a) USA
(b) France
(C) Switerzland
(D) Bangalore
Ans- C


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