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Top 20 15 September 2023 current Affairs MCQ PDF

What is the purpose of ‘Hello UPI,’ recently launched in India?
A) Interactive payments
B) Social networking
C) E-commerce platform
D) Weather forecasting
Answer: A) Interactive payments

Who launched the ‘Global Biofuel Alliance’ recently?
A) Narendra Modi
B) Joe Biden
C) Angela Merkel
D) Emmanuel Macron
Answer: A) Narendra Modi

In which country was the ‘International Olympiad for Informatics’ recently organized?
A) India
B) Hungary
C) United States
D) Australia
Answer: B) Hungary

When is ‘World Suicide Prevention Day’ celebrated?
A) 1st September
B) 5th October
C) 10th September
D) 20th November
Answer: C) 10th September

What is the purpose of the ‘Nand Baba Milk Mission’ committee formed by the Uttar Pradesh State Government?
A) Promote organic farming
B) Boost dairy production
C) Enhance educational facilities
D) Promote traditional art forms
Answer: B) Boost dairy production

India and America recently resolved a trade dispute in the World Trade Organization (WTO) related to which product?
A) Electronics
B) Poultry products
C) Pharmaceuticals
D) Textiles
Answer: B) Poultry products

Which organization received permanent membership in the G20 conference recently?
A) European Union
B) African Union
Answer: B) African Union

Who did the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) sign an MoU with for digital payments?
A) Bank of America
B) Bank of Bangladesh
C) Reserve Bank of India
D) World Bank
Answer: B) Bank of Bangladesh

When will the 37th National Games be held in the state of Goa?
A) December 2022
B) April 2023
C) October 2023
D) February 2024
Answer: C) October 2023

In which Indian state will the ‘Millet International Conference’ be organized?
A) Tamil Nadu
B) Odisha
C) Karnataka
D) Rajasthan
Answer: B) Odisha

When is ‘International Literacy Day’ celebrated?
A) 1st May
B) 8th September
C) 20th November
D) 12th October
Answer: B) 8th September

Which city in the USA declared September 3rd as ‘Sanatan Gharm Divas’?
A) New York
B) Los Angeles
C) Chicago
D) Louisville
Answer: D) Louisville

How many languages does the G20 India mobile application provide G20-related information in?
A) 5 languages
B) 7 languages
C) 10 languages
D) 15 languages
Answer: C) 10 languages

In which sport did the Indian team win a ‘Bronze Medal’ in the Asian Table Tennis Championship 2023?
A) Cricket
B) Badminton
C) Tennis
D) Table Tennis
Answer: D) Table Tennis

When is ‘International Police Cooperation Day’ celebrated?
A) 1st July
B) 7th September
C) 15th October
D) 20th December
Answer: B) 7th September

Which Indian naval vessel participated in Exercise Bright Star-23 in Egypt?
A) INS Vikramaditya
B) INS Chennai
C) INS Sumegha
D) INS Rajput
Answer: C) INS Sumegha

Who was honored with the ‘Leading Fintech Personality of the Year Award’ recently?
A) Ratan Tata
B) Elon Musk
C) Adeeb Ahmed
D) Jeff Bezos
Answer: C) Adeeb Ahmed

Which book, written by Bhavana Roy and Amish Tripathi, is set to be published?
A) Idols
B) Legends
C) Myths
D) Tales
Answer: A) Idols

What is the new name of Udhampur Railway Station in India?
A) Shaheed Captain Tushar Mahajan Railway Station
B) Unity Railway Station
C) Mahatma Gandhi Railway Station
D) Sardar Patel Railway Station
Answer: A) Shaheed Captain Tushar Mahajan Railway Station

Who has been appointed as the Director of the Central Center for Himalayan Studies at Delhi University?
A) Vindhyavasini Pandey
B) Amish Tripathi
C) Siddhartha Mukherjee
D) Bhavana Roy
Answer: A) Vindhyavasini Pandey

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