30 September 2023 Current Affairs pdf download

30 September 2023 Current Affairs pdf

When was the International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons observed recently?
A) On September 26th
B) On September 20th
C) On October 2nd
D) On August 15th
Answer: A) September 26th

Which company recently took a bold step by launching its own app store to break Google’s monopoly?
A) Apple
B) Samsung
C) PhonePe
D) Amazon
Answer: C) PhonePe

Who had the privilege of hosting the recent Global Turmeric Conference?
A) New Delhi
B) Mumbai
C) Bangalore
D) Chennai
Answer: B) Mumbai

A recent collaboration between which state government and the Magic Bus India Foundation aims to make a positive impact?
A) Maharashtra
B) Rajasthan
C) Madhya Pradesh
D) Kerala
Answer: C) Madhya Pradesh

Telangana recently celebrated the recognition of Pembarthi and Chandlapur as the finest tourist villages in which state?
A) Karnataka
B) Telangana
C) Kerala
D) Andhra Pradesh
Answer: B) Telangana

Who, as the South Asia Policy Head for a prominent company, recently decided to step down from their position?
A) Google
B) Facebook
C) Amazon
D) Platform X
Answer: D) Platform X

The world of cinema mourned the loss of KG George, who left his mark as a renowned:
A) Politician
B) Scientist
C) Film Maker
D) Author
Answer: C) Film Maker

China recently signed a dozen agreements to enhance bilateral cooperation with which neighboring country?
A) India
B) Pakistan
C) Nepal
D) Sri Lanka
Answer: C) Nepal

In the recent Asian Games, what type of medal did Aishwarya Pratap Singh Tomar secure in the 10-meter air rifle event?
A) Gold
B) Silver
C) Bronze
D) None
Answer: C) Bronze

Which tech giant recently invested a substantial $4 billion in the AI company Anthropic?
A) Google
B) Microsoft
C) Amazon
D) Facebook
Answer: C) Amazon

Whose outstanding contributions to the world of cinema were acknowledged with the prestigious Dadasaheb Phalke Award recently?
A) Amitabh Bachchan
B) Shah Rukh Khan
C) Vahida Rehman
D) Aamir Khan
Answer: C) Vahida Rehman

‘Uniqlo’ recently welcomed which popular celebrity as its brand ambassador?
A) Deepika Padukone
B) Priyanka Chopra
C) Katrina Kaif
D) Alia Bhatt
Answer: C) Katrina Kaif

Recently, the Chief Minister of which Indian state made the announcement to ban hookah bars?
A) Punjab
B) Haryana
C) Rajasthan
D) Gujarat
Answer: B) Haryana

Who recently received an extension as an advisor to Prime Minister Modi?
A) Amit Shah
B) Nirmala Sitharaman
C) Rajnath Singh
D) Amit Khare
Answer: D) Amit Khare

India is set to export a substantial 75,000 tonnes of non-Basmati rice to which country?
C) Saudi Arabia
D) China
Answer: B) UAE

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